The Compartment Role Object Metamodel (CROM) is a comprehensive model for role-based modeling and programming languages. In addition to the Metamodel, this repository also includes a code generator from CROM to the formal CROM.
FRaMED is the Full-fledged Role Modeling EDitor allowing the graphical specification of Role-based Software Systems by means of compartments (aka. contexts), objects, roles, and relationships. Additionally, it supports a varity of constraints upon roles and relationships.
InVerDa allows a single database to have multiple co-existing schema versions. Developers can evolve an existing database schema with schema modification operations (SMOs) to add a new schema version to the database. New schema versions become immediately available. Applications can read and write data through any schema version concurrently; writes in one version are reflected in all other versions. Furthermore, the database administrator (DBA) can easily configure in which schema version the data is primarily materialized. If the workload mix changes, the DBA can change the materialization independently from the evolution without affecting the availability of any schema version.
SCROLL is a lightweight library that allows for pure embedding of evolving objects in a modern, statically typed object-oriented language (Scala), utilising only those features that are available through its standard compiler. This library allows for easy integration of legacy code and a high separation of concerns and can be used as a playground for role-based programming and dispatch.