My topic:

Interpretation and Compilation Techniques for Role-based Programming Languages


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jerónimo Castrillón-Mazo, Adivisor: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Uwe Aßmann



In recent years many role programming languages have been developed providing different sets of role features[1]. To succeed in adopting role-based software infrastructures the performance must be on par with current mainstream programming languages. However, all recent role-based languages suffer from inferior runtime performance. This raises the question of where does the performance penalty come from? Are there optimisations specific to roles that are not performed by current interpreters and compilers? Hence, the scope of this PhD is to identify the performance bottlenecks and to develop and adequate solution to eliminate these bottlenecks.


[1] T. Kühn, M. Leuthäuser, S. Götz, C. Seidl, and U. Aßmann. 2014. A metamodel family for role-based modeling and programming languages. In International Conference on Software Language Engineering.