Satyadharma Tirtarasa

Context-Sensitive Description Logics in a Dynamic Setting

The role-based paradigm has been introduced for the design of adaptive
and context-sensitive software systems. Naturally, a system built on top
of the paradigm is expected to thrive in dynamic environments. In
consequence, reasoning services over temporal aspect are essential in
such a system. To represent context-dependent domains, various
extensions of Description Logics (DLs) with context are introduced and
studied. We focus on the family of Contextualized Description Logics
(ConDLs) that have been shown capable to represent role-based modelling
languages while retaining decidability. However, reasoning problems over
dynamic settings under the logics are rather unexplored.

In this talk, we explore several extensions of ConDLs for dynamic
settings. The first extension is a ConDL-based action language to
represent changes. Furthermore, we investigate the projection problem
over this language. Then, we introduce languages to specify temporal
properties that are based on the linear temporal logic and ConDLs.
Finally, we show a complete setting where both languages are employed
under the verification problem. For some of the problems, we consider
rigid concepts and roles that are interpreted the same across contextual
and temporal dimensions.