2nd RoSI-Workshop, 2014/06/26 – 2014/06/2

Role-based Software Infrastructures for Continuous-Context-Sensitive Systems (RoSI) is a interdisciplinary research effort to tame the increased complexity, rate of changes and longevity of future software systems. Accordingly, the second workshop presents the interim results of the first group of PhD students achieved in the last 8 month. In particular, this workshop focuses on the representation of roles and contexts within RoSI by inviting distinguished guests in the respective fields of research.

Invited Guests:

  • Prof. Rolf Hennicker (link)
  • Dr. Stephan Herrmann (link)
  • Dr. Michel Ludwig (link)
  • Dr. Dirk Walther (link)



  • Formal Semantics for Models with Meta-Predicates (Stephan Böhme)
  • Using roles for the context-dependent definition of concepts (Ismail Ilkan Ceylan)
  • Role-based Execution of Ubiquitous Interactive Processes (Steffen Huber)
  • Role-based Database Model and Architecture (Tobias Jäkel)
  • Semantics of Role Composition – Towards a Language Family for Role-based Modeling (Thomas Kühn)
  • Towards Role Dispatch – Exploring configurable 4-dimensional role dispatch (Max Leuthäuser)


Posters of Doctoral Students:

  • Stephan Böhme
  • Ismail Ilkan Ceylan
  • Steffen Huber
  • Tobias Jäkel (poster)
  • Thomas Kühn (poster)
  • Max Leuthäuser (poster)



  • Gästehaus der TU Dresden am Weberplatz, Weberplatz 3, 01217 Dresden (maps)



Day1, 2014/06/26

Time Slot Topic
09:00 Introduction to RoSI (Prof. Uwe Aßmann)

Workshop Organization (Thomas Kühn) (pdf)

09:30 Using, Formalizing and Reasoning on Context (Stephan Böhme, Ismail Ilkan Ceylan)
10:00 Modularization of Ontologies and its Applications (Dr. Dirk Walther)
11:00 Coffee Break + Poster Sessions
11:30 Practical Uniform Interpolation and Forgetting for ALC TBoxes (presentation) (Dr. Michel Ludwig)
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Modeling (presentation), Programming (presentation), and Persisting Roles (presentation) (Thomas Kühn, Max Leuthäuser, Tobias Jäkel)
15:00 Foundations for Ensemble Modeling (presentation) (Prof. Rolf Hennicker)
16:00 Coffee Break + Poster Session
16:30 Role-based Programming with Object Teams (presentation) (Dr. Stephan Herrmann)
17:30 Open Discussion
18:00 Dinner

Day2, 2014/06/27

Time Slot Topic
08:30 Workshop Sessions:

(I) Prof. Rolf Hennicker + Dr. Stephan Herrmann + PhD Students

(II) Dr. Dirk Walther + Dr. Michel Ludwig + PhD Students

11:00 Coffee Break + Poster Session
11:30 Presenting the Workshop Results (I) (II)
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Demo Session (Thomas Kühn, Max Leuthäuser)
14:00 Closing Session (Thomas Kühn) (pdf)
15:00 Social Event