Ilja Shmelkin


„Role-based Context-aware Monitoring of Distributed Systems“


The monitoring of information technology systems during operation is one of the few methods available to help administrators to keep track of the monitored systems state, predict and identify errors, and assist at system repair and error avoidance. Monitoring solutions to date, however, still suffer from various trade-offs as contemporary implementations impose architectural restrictions on monitored systems, which lead to reduced flexibility in deployment and operation. The role-based approach for modelling and implementing software promises an intuitive way for increasing the flexibility of information technology systems‘ modelling and implementation. Paired with technology on control loops from the domain of self-adaptive systems, it allows overcoming those limitations. In this thesis, a novel concept for a flexible monitoring solution on this basis is presented. It allows functioning in almost any application domain while minimizing architectural constraints on the monitored system. In this presentation, the current progress on this doctoral project is presented. For that, the necessary background is introduced alongside the general concept and a summary on related work. Finally, a first outlook on the thesis‘ evaluation is given.